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Our aim is to collect 1.2 million euros by the 31st of December 2020 to finance the newly purchased building for the Turkish Islamic community in Bayreuth and its renovation. With your donation you will help us achieve this charitable goal!

Plot area:
3,200 m² Prayer room: 225 m² for men, 100 m² for women Usable area of ​​the building complex: approx. 1,650 m² Classroom: 2 rooms for girls, 2 rooms for boys and 1 room for kindergarten children

The use of the building complex and plot:

Playroom and playground for children Youth centre Social environment for women and men Large prayer rooms for women and men Community centre for interreligious conversations Guest accommodation

Why should you donate?

Support for the Islamic community Continue to benefit by offering a place of practice to both Muslims living in this city and Muslim students from around the world who are studying here for the coming years and decades. New and better opportunities to expand our charitable commitment and support for people in need. Bring families together Strengthening family cohesion through shared dedication, participation in activities and Islamic knowledge enhancement. Personal development and development of social skills through community activities and educational programs. Tutoring for students.

Promotion of youth

Creating a place where children and teenagers play together, grow up, learn and find their way to be a better member of society.

Successful integration

Supporting the integration of the Muslim population into the German society as well as strengthening the relationships and dialogues with one another.

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