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Help us with your donation to finance the newly purchased building for the Turkish-Islamic community in Bayreuth and its renovation.

  • Plot area: 3,200 m²
  • Prayer room: 225 m² for men, 100 m² for women
  • Usable area of ​​the building complex: approx. 1,650 m²
  • Classroom: 2 rooms for girls, 2 rooms for boys and 1 room for kindergarten children
The use of the building complex and plot:
  • Playroom and playground for children
  • Youth centre
  • Social environment for women and men
  • Large prayer rooms for women and men
  • Community centre for interreligious conversations
  • Guest accommodation
Why should you donate?
  • Support for the Islamic community
    • Continue to benefit by offering a place of practice to both Muslims living in this city and Muslim students from around the world who are studying here for the coming years and decades.
  • Charity
    • New and better opportunities to expand our charitable commitment and support for people in need.
  • Bring families together
    • Strengthening family cohesion through shared dedication, participation in activities and Islamic knowledge enhancement.
    • Personal development and development of social skills through community activities and educational programs.
    • Tutoring for students.
  • Promotion of youth
    • Creating a place where children and teenagers play together, grow up, learn and find their way to be a better member of society.
  • Successful integration
    • Supporting the integration of the Muslim population into the German society as well as strengthening the relationships and dialogues with one another.


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